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Mildew affects many homes in the USA. It's a fungus that thrives in warm, moist environments, making bathrooms especially prone to the fungus. As fungus does, it replicates via spores that spread through the air. Mildew can lurk in cracks and corners in bathrooms, such as bathtubs, showers, countertops, and toilets. Many individuals can detect mildew due to its distinctive smell and potential irritating qualities. While it can be highly allergenic, it can also be dangerous, especially to the lungs and sinuses.

ECOLUXE professionals tackle mildew by first tackling its sources, the root causes enabling it to fester and grow, such as old soap, grime, dirt, and residues.

Various restrictions prevent ECOLUXE professionals from utilizing chlorine bleach, and bleach is not part of a non-toxic cleaning program. As an ECOLUXE client, using bleach independently to help control mildew growth between cleaning service visits is a choice unto you, the client. . . .

Should bleach be utilized, please do not use bleach for two to three days preceding a scheduled ECOLUXE professional cleaning so chlorine residue does not combine with ECOLUXE cleaning formulas, thereby risking an unpredictable gaseous result. Normally, chlorine bleach is not utilized in green cleaning protocol. However, when it comes to mold and mildew, it is often turned to by home-owners themselves, but with specific handling and acumen required. After all, an improper ratio of bleach can erode surfaces, and the substance can be dangerous to skin, eyes, the respiratory system, and so forth.

Should bleach be utilized by an ECOLUXE client, careful analysis and observation of the substrate being disinfected is required and is the responsibility of the client.

Continued treatment will need to occur at least weekly until the environment is changed to better impede mildew.

Post-removal, if the environment remains poorly ventilated, warm, and with spore germination potential, mildew will again take hold and thrive.

The environment has to change in order to prevent food sources for the mildew. Factors that help impede mildew include --

-- good air circulation

-- clean surfaces without spores

-- dry surfaces

-- sunlight

Mildew brings concerns beyond a mere dirty, unkept aesthetic, such as myriad health concerns. It's imperative mildew be kept at bay through regular cleanings, but, even more importantly, an environment non-conducive to mold and mildew growth needs to be achieved and maintained.

ECOLUXE can help you with your cleanings and even special projects in the form of repairs and improvements in your environment, such as cleaning and replacing an old bathroom vent; treating and caulking cracks near bathtubs, showers, toilets, countertops, etc.; and more. We're a call away at 830-992-0095!

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