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Before YOUR PRO Cleaner Arrives

Hiring an ECOLUXE house- or business-cleaning professional is a life milestone that enables you to focus on things that matter: from family to careers, time is precious, and we are here to do your dirty work!

Clear communication, as with any relationship, is key.

While we are here to do the cleaning or special tasks for you, there’s a line in the sand as far as what a house- or business-cleaner takes on and what is up to the owners (or designated as a separate special task or project). Getting the most out of your cleaning services means taking some wise steps first.

1. declutter

Unless a special organizational task is agreed upon and selected atop a deep-cleaning or regular-scheduled cleaning, decluttering is a homeowner's prerogative.

From countertop items to makeup vanities to kids' play areas, clutter is best addressed before your cleaning professionals begin to focus on sanitizing, mopping, dusting, and making an environment clean, clean, clean.


Unless customized within the cleaning routine or agreed upon as a special, separate project, ECOLUXE - like most house-cleaners - foregoes cleaning dishes and contending with anything-food:

Keeping dishes clean and organized enables your professional to focus on sanitation and cleaning measures such as disinfecting sinks, faucets, countertops, islands, tables, etc., and making them glisten!

While ECOLUXE is all about sanitizing and inspiring sparkle, in the advent of a worldwide pandemic, we are especially inclined to ask that things people's mouths have touched - dishes and food - be within the home owner's responsibility; please read about our efforts to mitigate cross-contamination here.


After submitting the booking form or calling us at 830-992-0095, we arrange an optional special in-person FREE consultation. It's here when you can let us know any special requests you'd like, whether to be within your regular cleanings or performed as a one-time special project. Examples include needing blinds regularly cleaned; a fridge deep-cleaned; garage shelving organized; etc. If you are unsure whether ECOLUXE can take on the task, just ask!

4. Protect fragile items

Undoubtedly every household or business has items that are fragile yet displayed because of their beauty and special factor. It's often these fragile items we need to protect most, though; after all, everyone wants a gorgeous piece of heirloom dinnerware or a vase inherited from a special someone to remain displayed but safe. If anything is especially valuable to you or needs to be especially watched-out for or even cleaned, please let your ECOLUXE professional know.

5. Pets?

We LOVE pets, albeit it's typically in everyone's best interest that they be secured during a cleaning:

A house-cleaner may also have allergies to certain animals, and cleaning formulas - even non-toxic ones - are best sprayed away from precious pets.

ECOLUXE professionals love-love-love your pets, but it's best to give them a secure nap space so cleanings can be efficient and without unpredictable variables.

For instance, have you ever seen a normally mild-mannered pup flip a switch at the sight or sound of a vacuum? A normally gentle giant dog react to a mop or non-owner in the house? It happens, and the risks mitigated by putting the pets up.

6. Great communication + reasonable expectations

When you’re entrusting a professional cleaning service, specific cleaning tasks are undertaken based on agreed-upon understanding of your needs; you’ll usually choose between a general house cleaning versus a deep clean or special project. Each has a set of basic tasks the ECOLUXE professional cleaner will perform.

If you have anything extra in mind, be sure to communicate that at the free-to-you in-person consultation so it can factor in. ECOLUXE is all about excellent communication and customer relationships! Let's get to planning and cleaning: Call us at 830-992-0095 today.

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